The flavours of India; the freshness of California

At Green Coriander, we

  • use organic vegetables and meat from local farms
  • prepare heart-healthy dishes in olive oil;
  • offer delicious choices for various diets (gluten-free, diabetic, vegan, etc).

Currently accepting catering orders only.

"Forget the kind of spice-charged, ghee slick cooking of your typical tandoori palace... the cooking here is homey, and the dishes have soft outlines."

John Birdsall, editor, SF Weekly

"It wasn't heavy/greasy/weighted down like most indian dishes you get in restaurants where you feel so guilty in the end. It tasted so healthy but still had ample amount of flavour."

Annie M, review on Yelp

"Refreshed and satisfied rather than normal post-indian overly full and constant burping."

Alex H, Urban Stomach

Thank you Green Coriander, for the excellent meals you've provided. Your food reminds me of food at home. Your dishes seem to have regional flavors from different parts of India, but still maintain the home-cooked taste and freshness.

Priya K
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