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Healthy Eating

Eating a nutritious meal shouldn’t just be about “watching your weight” – it should be a part of your daily life. A good meal is satisfying and well-balanced; it contains the necessary portions of carbohydrates, protein, and fats along with other nutrients. No single food or food group can supply you with all the different nutrients your body needs to maintain optimum health. Your daily food selection should include whole-grain products, fruits, vegetables and foods high in protein such as dairy, poultry, fish. 

Your daily calorie needs depends on many things - mainly age, weight, gender and activity level. Counting calories and tracking everything you eat can be stressful. In general, if you keep portion sizes reasonable and eat only when hungry, you can enjoy all the foods you like and stay healthy. We don't recommend that you eliminate any food, even those high in fat, salt or sugar; we recommend that you eat your favourite foods in moderation. Balance your food choices over the course of the day and the week. If you indulge in foods high in fat and sugar for one meal, choose foods low in fat and sugar for the next.

With Green Coriander wholesome meals, you’ll enjoy healthy foods that taste great. So, now you can nourish your body and feed your soul.