Catering Menu

Catering Service

We would love to cater your next cocktail party, corporate event or dinner party. We will gladly customize a menu for you.

Contact us with your catering request.

Catering Menu
Vegan Vegetarian Poultry
Seasonal Organic Vegetables in a tangy sauce of coconut, peanuts and tamarind (GC specialty) Karahi Paneer – Indian cheese in a onion-tomato sauce with bell peppers Karahi Chicken - Indian cheese in a onion-tomato sauce with bell peppers
Sauted Vegetables Paneer Korma (yogurt and cashew nut sauce) Chicken Curry (Korma, Mint,
Seasonal Organic Vegetables in Coconut sauce Palak Paneer - Indian cheese in organic spinach sauce Organic chicken in Coconut Sauce
Variety of Dals (lentils) Cream-based Kali Dal (black lentils)  
Chana Masala or any beans in spicy sauce (Red Kidney, Black Eyed)    
Veggie/Tofu Kebabs Paneer Kebabs Chicken Kebabs
Veggie Samosas   Chicken Samosas
Rice Indian Bread Salads
White Basmati Rice Rotis – whole wheat flat bread Raita – organic yogurt with grated carrots
Brown Basmati Rice Parathas – whole wheat layered flat bread Mixed Salad with green Moong
Vegetable Biryani   Cabbage and Fruit Salad with lemon vinaigrette

If there is an Indian dish you particularly like, but don't see on our menu, ask us about it. We also do desserts (pies, cupcakes, cookies) on request.

Prices vary based on the menu and type of service, starting at $15/person.