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At Green Coriander, we believe eating natural foods and well-balanced meals is essential to optimum health.
We make it our mission to provide fresh, delicious and healthy Indian meals – giving San Francisco a taste of an Indian home.

Rich and spicy Indian restaurant food can be delicious, and such feasts are a real treat every now and then. But the everyday food cooked in most Indian homes is simpler and more wholesome. With Green Coriander, you’ll enjoy a wide variety of seasonal & organic vegetables, organic chicken and lentil dishes, freshly prepared in small amounts of heart healthy olive oil.



At Green Coriander, we aspire to provide our customers the best service possible, keeping health, hygiene and the environment in mind.

We are committed to using organic vegetables and meats and high quality natural ingredients. We do our best to source our organic vegetables from local farms year-round.

By cooking to order we create minimal waste. And because our take-away containers and utensils are bio-degradeable, most of our garbage can go right into the recycling or compost bins after use.

The Name


Coriander is among the essential flavors of Indian cooking. Commonly known as cilantro in the US, coriander is an annual herb used widely in food and holistic orayurvedic remedies. Fresh coriander leaves are often used as garnish in Indian dishes or made into chutney. Dried, ground coriander seed (dhania) is a common spice in Indian cooking.

Green, the color of coriander leaves, signifies both the freshness we guarantee in every one of our meals and the values that inspire our company.