Our Food

Our Food

Wholesome meals for various diets

Green Coriander's weekly rotating menu is based on the concept of a “thali”. Every week, the menu has a vegetable, paneer (or tofu), chicken, lentil, rice (white or brown) and rotis (whole wheat indian flat bread). Our meals are nutritionally balanced, flavorful, and our menu is full of options for almost every dietary need and craving. Our dishes are heart healthy and we offer choices that are suitable for gluten-freevegan (no, we do not use ghee or cream) and diabetic diets (request brown rice or no rice). Menu changes every week.

Cooking with high quality oil

Despite prevailing rhetoric, small quantities of Fats are necessary for good health. A general definition of “good fats” is that they are naturally occurring and haven’t been damaged by high heat. At Green Coriander we are focused on creating healthy dishes and cook in approximately one tsp of oil (or less) per serving. We use heart healthy, premium oils sourced from locally owned companies. Depending on the dish, we cook either organic Canola or Olive oil.

Committed to Organics

At Green Coriander, we are committed to using organic vegetables, organic dairy and organic meats. We do our best to source them from local farms as far as possible. When ingredients key to our cuisine are unavailable locally or seasonally, we use the best quality products we can find in the market.

For our chicken dishes, we use only white meat from organic free-range chickens that are raised in California farms without antibiotics and fed vegetarian diet.